2048 Balls Pop – ListPull,Inc.

Play 2048 Balls Pop Game, a 2048 merge bubbles game. This 2048 Balls game is great if you enjoy playing 2048 merge games with also a bubble popping game or bubble pop games.

2048 Balls Pop Game is a very addictive to play 2048 merge bubbles game. If you enjoy playing Bubble Shooter Games or bubble popping games the you will like this bubble popping game.

How to play 2048 Balls Pop Game:

Merge all common numbers by dragging and dropping the 2048 Balls to all common 2048 Balls with the same number, you need to connect two bubble balls. You have to continue to drag and drop the ball bubbles until to match similar bubbles. Once the two ball bubbles have merged, a new numbers will appear to fill in the empty space. The higher the total number from Balls bubble, the more points you will get.

Key Features Of Number Merge 2048 Balls Pop Game Puzzle Game

– Simple game play, everyone can play offline anytime even with out an internet connection.
– No Time limit in this number merges game
– Beautiful HD graphics.
– Combo gravity pops effect when you connect the ball bubbles

– Most addictive number connect and merge
– An Endless game
, Play an unlimited amount of times.
– Very addictive, challenging game.
– Captivating and Brain teasing game.

2048 Balls Pop Game is the latest of list pulls 2048 Merge games, where you merge and connect 2048 Balls that are similar to make a bigger number. This 2048 Balls puzzle number game can be won by connecting the 2048 Balls numbers before the 2048 Balls bubble glass fills or has no more identical numbers! Drop the 2048 Balls to connect to as many identical color number balls together and get points that are multiples of two. More the more 2048 Balls you connect the higher your score will be, and the more points you get. As you connect the same numbers in the bubble balls you will increase you score by the number in the 2048 Balls!