2 Words Game – YASIN UZMAN

Are you ready for an entirely different Word Game? “2 Words” is a word game with a different mindset.

2 Words presents 100 unique levels and completely different gaming style for a word-game.

At each level, you are given a nice hidden quote and at each turn, two of the words are scrambled (without losing their order) together and presented to you in a limited time. It is your job to separate them. You do that by tapping on one of the word’s letters and green button.

Consider this WORD: “FGUANMNEY”. Means anything? Nothing?

Well, how about this: “FgUaNmNeY”. Focus on uppercase letters. And lowercase letters. That’s right, you’ve just unscrambled your first scrambled word. (In case you haven’t seen anything yet, they are “Funny” and “Game”)

Note that in actual game letters are scrambled in random order and all CAPS. So it might not be easy. Also, sometimes you might need to separate just one word from random letters. 

Always keep an eye on messages on middle of the screen and time above.

Good luck.