197 – 197 LLC

We want to challenge the status quo, but few of us do.
When everyone stopped dreaming, we started our company.
While others thought there was no safe place for their money, we created it. –They also thought our idea was crazy until they saw it in action.–
And when they said, “You need to start small,” we made sure to go big or go home.
Just as you have adapted to this new economy, your money must too.

197, Pure Financial Freedom.

Key Benefits:

Financial freedom.
The 197 APP allows clients in real-time to access their wealth.
Stablecoins can be bought using online banking or wire transfer and it’s instantly settled in the client’s wallet. Orders are instantly paid out to the client’s linked card. We have successfully combined years of traditional banking and finance experience with cutting edge technology and innovation to deliver a 100% digital safe for our members.

Instant transfers.
197 allows clients to make instant digital asset transfers outside of the banking system to other members free of charge.

Drop traditional banks.
Bank deposits and savings accounts are currently giving negative interest. The stock markets are high-risk. The new economy is changing the banking and finance landscape. By using Stablecoins paired to FIAT currencies that do not carry volatility risk, 197 gives your private wealth the ability to move at your pace.

The 197 Card
Our members have access to a debit card to make purchases and carry on with their lifestyle.

No more robots. Each of our members has a dedicated Concierge to fulfill their lifestyle needs. Assigned from the moment you become a member, you will be greeted by the same person every time delivering exceptional service.