1411 – Jean Fukuda Miyasato

1411 is an artistic video game that place you in fear or frustration during 3 minutes while you are in a symbolic extreme context.

Using geometric shapes to symbolize the scenario and basic actions to make you empathise with a different reality.


– What are the features and functionality of your game?
R- Is a video game of 3 minutes that tries to make you feel identified in a symbolic reality based on geometric shapes.

– How does users interact with the game? How many levels can be played?
R- The video game lasts only 3 minutes and it only has 1 level. It is not possible to level up beyond that. It is only a 3 minutes experience.

– What is the purpose of your app? Please explain the app concept in detail.
R- This is a video game that tries to explore through feelings such as sadness, justice or social conscience

– How do users benefit from your app’s features? What utility, specifically, does your app represent?
R- It’s entertainment. Like horror video games that seek to scare, my games seek to raise awareness of reality.

– What is your app’s target audience?
R- Serious players or people who want to experience the game in a different and artistic way.