W&H Med Steri – W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH

W&H Med Steri is an advanced smartphone and tablet application that allows controlling and monitoring the status of the autoclaves in your clinic. Moreover, the app is able to keep a history database of the sterilization cycles and the related load directly on your smart device.
– The new application layout is compatible with MED sterilizers, such as Lisa Med, Lara Med and Lexa Med.
– Available languages: EN, IT, FR, DE, ES, ZH-CN, JP

Main features:
– Remote control of your sterilizer: the user can remotely command up to 4 sterilizers.
– Reports creation: the App allows making intervention reports, in order to collect data regarding specific treatments.
– User management: creation and handling of sterilizer users directly from your smart device.
– Backup functionality: all the cycle reports are automatically saved to assure more protection of data.
– Pouch check: scan the bar code on the pouches to check the sterilization date