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Genre: Education
Release Date: April 29, 2020

Your child will love these daily science videos and you’ll get a break, too! They’ll vote on a question to explore, then we’ll show your child that episode the next day. For ages 5-10.

Who is Mystery Doug?

Ask your kids. 🙂 Most elementary schools in the U.S. use Mystery Science in their classrooms. There is a good chance your child already uses lessons created by Doug—children know him as Mystery Doug. He's a former science teacher who has a unique way of answering children's questions.

What kinds of questions will my child see?

Every day, children will get to vote on three questions. Here is an example vote:
> Can animals get a sunburn?
> Will a helium balloon float all the way to space?
> Why doesn’t animal hair keep growing like ours does?

Whichever question your child votes on is the lesson they'll receive the next day.

What is is the organization behind this and the name of the app. Since 2015, millions of students around the world have developed their curiosity through our open-and-go science lessons. We're collecting every question children have about the world and creating visual explanations to each one. Now, we're going to make it possible for children to independently explore anything they wonder about!

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