RPN-25 CE – CuVee Software

RPN-25 CE is a photo-realistic simulation of Hewlett-Packard’s highly popular scientific calculator HP-25 for the iPhone. Produced from August 1975 through 1978, it was the “Squash” member of the second-generation HP calculators known as the “Woodstock” series.

It was also the first programmable calculator costing less than $200.

RPN-25 CE simulates the HP-25C version released in July 1976. Its major improvement in that update was “Continuous Memory”.

While the simulator works just like the original calculator, a number of carefully designed extensions make it much more powerful.


• Photo-realistic look
• Programmable (99 steps), subroutines, conditional loops, branching
• Insert and delete steps with automatic address correction
• 20 registers, “non-volatile”, with unrestricted store/recall arithmetic
• Much faster than the original
• “Live” register view supporting user interaction (run/stop, single-stepping)
• “Live” stack view
• Thousands separator (optional)
• Selectable pause length
• Program listing view with program title and description
• Program library view
• Store, name and retrieve any number of programs
• Sharing: Files, iCloud Drive, e-mail, AirDrop, Dropbox, copy, paste, print
• More than 60 programs pre-installed
• More than 70 functions not available on the HP-25
• Import and run RPN-32 CE and GO-25 programs
• Supports Dark Mode

Calculator functions:

• Statistics, including clearing statistics registers only
• Factorial for arbitrary arguments
• Trigonometric functions (degrees, radians, grads)
• Polar/rectangular conversions
• Inverse, square root, logarithm, exponential, pi
• Percentage
• Storage arithmetic (store and recall)
• Low-battery warning
• Sound alerts
• ..and many more

Details: cuveesoft.ch/rpn25