Шашлык&Лаваш | Химки – Oksana Sukhareva

Шашлык & Лаваш | Химки. Готовим с любовью для Вас!

– Выбирайте товар и заказывайте! Нет ничего проще!
– История заказов. Смотрите, что и когда вы заказывали и заказывайте снова!
– Не надо вводить свой адрес снова и снова, мы запомним его при первом заказе!
– Следите за акциями доставки прямо в приложении!
– Отслеживайте статус и время заказа!

Orange Skill Gaming – Upen Patel

Advance Tool for Accurately Tracking Your Slot Data

Orange Skill Gaming app adds an interesting dimension to slot play, enabling you to easily record and analyze your experience over various sessions and various machines. Detailed management of your invoices, manage your expenses and cash flow and view your profit and loss with a variety of graphs and mapping solutions. It is updated in real time as you play so you can gamble smarter. This app is helpful to monitor precise spending on a slot machine. Also useful to export your expenses and logs into Excel Spreadsheets.

You don’t have to keep your own records. Orange Skill Gaming app automatically takes your slot data immediately from the app without you having to worry about modernizing spreadsheets yourself. All of the spin data is transferred utilizing the latest security technology and is secured with the highest level SSL certificates.

We have an admin panel where admin can create an account for users. This app is intended for employees who want to join our organization as a moderator or user. Admin panel has the rights to create an account for our employees.

Violin Tuner – TrueStudio – Qiaochu Zhu

Violin Tuner is a chromatic tuner for violin that allows you to quickly and accurately tune your instrument using iPhone.

This app uses your phone’s microphone to listen and analyze the sound in real time and indicate if the note is sharp or flat.

You can press the buttons at the bottom of the screen to play the sample sound of a violin string.

GoldenApp Hungary – Zsolt Rapos

A mobil alkalmazás nem csak egy remek prezentációs lehetőség, amely ma már úgy szólván a fejlődést tekintve elkerülhetetlen egy vállalkozás életében.

Bizonyos elemeinek köszönhetően egy igazi “marketing fegyver” a vásárlók elérésének tekintetben.

Hogy mi is ez a “szuper fegyver” valójában? Az alkalmazásban azonnal megtudhatja!

A gyakorlatban is megfigyelhető, és a statisztikák is azt mutatják, hogy a telefonos üzeneteket a felhasználók több mint 90%-a legkésőbb 5 perccel az érkezése után elolvassa. Talán mondani sem kell, hogy ez mennyivel hatékonyabb tud lenni egy email üzenetnél, vagy akár más egyébb módszernél…és ezt most Ön korlátlanul használhatja.

Ami a legszebb az egészben, hogy ha mi készítjük el az Ön alkamazását, Ön bármikor küldhet vásárlóinak, olvasóinak ilye üzenetet, ráadásul teljesen ingyen!

A legújabb technológiáknak köszönhetően 1 alkalmazás áráért 2 alkalmazást kap tőlünk, azaz egyszerre tud szinte minden mobiltelefon felhasználónak alkalmazást nyújtani, közben csak egy alkalmazás árát kell kifizetnie.
Hát nem csodás?

Clicker – Presentation Remote – Viktor Kifer

Clicker turns your iPhone into WiFi remote presentation controller which works with Windows, Linux and Mac.

It supports a wide range of popular presentation software including PowerPoint, Keynote, LibreOffice Impress and Google Slides.

NOTE. For the application to work Clicker Desktop App (https://bit.ly/clicker-desktop) should be running on your PC.


– automatically finds available computers in the local network
– connect manually to computer in the remote network
– supports Windows, Linux and OS X
– lightweight protocol makes sure there are no lags when you click
– play videos with mouse click support (remote trackpad)
– point on important stuff with mouse (remote trackpad)
– remote volume control (presentations with audio and video)

Story Matrix – Liron Goren-Snai

Research from both brain science and social science reveals to us that stories are one of our most powerful tools of influence. In our work with executives, sales professionals, and people of every stripe over the years, we’ve determined that most people do not have the right story at the right time for the right reasons and such as such they are not as powerful and influential as they might otherwise be. Since Craig Wortmann’s ‘What’s Your Story?’ book came out in 2006, people have gotten very interested in how to create what we call a Story Matrix. So, we designed and built the Story Matrix App to ensure that you are never without the right story. You simply need to put your stories into the Story Matrix and organize them in a way that makes sense to you. That way, in every situation, on every call and in every room you are equipped with the right story to enable you to be a powerful storyteller.

再再 – 實踐大學

You can enter this website, scan the images to experience a part of our AR content:
(Contact us to buy Re-act Art Book, enjoy full version.)

Shih Chien University Department of Communications Design Graduates’ Exhibition|Re-act

Re-act is a rebirth of a creator’s life experience. With each audience’s comprehension and resonance, every piece is reborn.
Past piles, accumulates; reshapes in your palms; and reincarnates in your heart. The cycle repeats itself over and over.

Department of Communications Design was established in 1997.Has been ranked among the top 30 best design schools in the world by Businessweek Weekly and Ranker.com. Beside the technical training, we dedicate and emphasize the training of design thinking and humanistic aesthetic in general. Therefore in this digital generation, students will be able to appeal their talent in multiple digital areas such as designs, movies, games, interactive medias and any new artistic expression forms in this changing world. Not only to adapt the entertainment business environment but also to create new or their own ways of design business.

Laboral App – Alejandro Santillana Ruiz

Laboral App es una aplicación diseñada para los negocios que te permite sincronizar y compartir el control de la jornada de tus empleados, posibilitando fichar entradas y salidas, así como llevar el control del personal de la empresa y sus datos. Incorpora la exportación a PDF de los registros necesarios, filtrados y acotados a las necesidades, para dar cumplimiento con el Real Decreto-ley 8/2019, de 8 de marzo, de medidas urgentes de protección social y de lucha contra la precariedad laboral en la jornada de trabajo.

Kitty Cards – Thinh Tran

Kitty Cards is an indie game inspired by Exploding Kittens. The game has some additions, subtractions as well as refining the gameplay. With the integration of the rating system, you will be appreciated for your ability and “dignity”. This game is based on probability as well as psychological judgment is mainly. However, the final winner still needs some luck.

Game play:
– People are given 5 cards
– When it is your turn, you will draw 1 card
– If it is Bomb, you will lose
– You can use Defuse card to escape
– Before drawing cards, you can use magic cards to survive

Gestors Administratius Balears – Colegio Oficial de Gestores Administrarivos de Baleares

Nuestra misión es crear valor de forma ética con los valores de la profesión en el desarrollo de nuestras actividades para la sociedad, ciudadanos, colegiados, trabajadores. Todo ello en el marco de nuestra estrategia de responsabilidad social y de cumplimiento con las normas, promoviendo la transparencia y la integridad de nuestras acciones.
Dedicación al trabajo, compromiso con los colegiados y la administración, eficacia en la ejecución y eficiencia en la labor conforma los pilares básicos de nuestra profesión: el Gestor administrativo.