Sudoku Master Edition – Hoolatron Studios



SUDOKU MASTER EDITION takes the world famous number puzzle to new heights with its minimalist, modern, and feature-rich design.

We meticulously designed the game from the ground up – whether you’re a seasoned Sudoku addict or new to this easy to learn, but hard to master brain teaser – our version of this classic logic puzzle can be customized to your needs and preferences, including some you didn’t even know you needed!

Download the world’s #1 number puzzler for FREE and enjoy a plethora of features and cool extras, like stickers!

◇ FONTS: Who doesn’t love fonts? With our finely curated selection of 26 typefaces, you can be certain to find one that you’ll love.
◇ COLORS: Feel like changing it up it a bit? We designed a modern custom color palette to make it easier for you to find the right hue (it rhymes!) for your numbers & highlights.
◇ LEVELS: Featuring 5 levels, ranging from “Easy” to “Insane” guarantees that you’ll meet your next match.
◇ GRID STYLE: Lines and spacing too thick or thin? No problem, just select whatever pleases YOUR eyes, we’ve got you covered.
◇ THEME: We like playing Sudoku in the evening too, but we like our retinas more – so we added a dark theme.
◇ ZEN MODE: Feel like relaxing? Just click on the lotus flower and watch the timer & points disappear. In no time, you’ll be crunching numbers without any distractions.
◇ MUSIC: You “heard” us right! We collaborated with German ambient-music mastermind EARLYGUARD to provide you with a relaxing, zen backdrop, unlike anything you’ve heard before. Before you know it, you’ll wonder where the time went.
◇ FORCE TOUCH: Start a new game with two taps. We timed it – you’ll be playing in 2 seconds flat!
◇ STICKERS: 69 to be exact! Who needs stickers with a Sudoku app? We do – just look at them – we even added an espresso bean!

APPLE PENCIL INTEGRATION (Requires iPad Pro & Apple Pencil):

◇ PEN & PAPER EXPERIENCE: Jot down the numbers with your
APPLE PENCIL! Whether you’re playing a relaxing game, or you’re racing against the clock – SUDOKU MASTER EDITION’s latest handwriting integration recognizes everyone’s individual handwriting.
◇ NOTEPAD: The notepad features everything you need to jot down ideas, sketches, or anything else that might cross your mind while you’re puzzling away. Undo, redo, erase, and delete with one tap to your heart’s content!
◇ PLUS MUCH MORE! Just check it out for yourself!

On top of the above, SUDOKU MASTER EDITION offers you everything you love about iOS, like Game Center Integration, a beautifully designed icon to go in-line with iOS, and a contemporary interface.

And because we REALLY love Sudoku, we already have some incredible future features and updates in the works, so stay tuned!

統一發票對獎機(無廣告) – Chen Jung Chen





透過掃描發票QR code,讓您快速地自動對獎,不卡頓的連續掃描,讓您順暢地對完所有電子發票,咦?輕快的音效+震動~恭喜中獎!






●電子發票QR code掃描小訣竅
建議您將電子發票的兩個QR code都放進掃描視窗中央的框框裡面唷!另外掃描的成功率會與手機相機以及發票紙本的品質有關,盡量保持紙本的平整和相機鏡頭的乾淨,也要注意相機的對焦狀態哦(可以點擊掃描區域QR code的位置手動對焦),太暗的話再搭配我們的手電筒功能就萬無一失啦!



Timeheed – Isaiah Dee


Timeheed is a spacetime social networking app, you can send or post Time Capsules and Space Capsules. Capture and share moments that can only be opened on a specified time and location. Play with time by sending your future self a message or send a message to your future children or even great-grandchildren. Follow your friends and family to relive moments in the right time and place.

Use Timeheed to:

• Post or send Time Capsules and Space Capsules by uploading attachments such as photos, video, voice, text and map.
– Time Capsules are locked messages that can only be opened on a specified time or event.
– Space Capsules are locked messages that can only be opened on a specified time and location.
• Send Capsules to your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. My Family allows you to send capsules to your existent and non-existent descendants.
• Send Capsules to anyone including yourself but in the future. Send your aspirations, ideas, stories or even the truth that only time can protect.
• Heed Capsules to keep them and be alerted when the capsule is unlocked.
• Create Space Capsule with Timeprint security feature. Gatekeepers are assigned users that has the power to grant or deny access to anyone.

TimeSpace Four – Inforce Group


TimeSpace Four is focused on further cultivation of the dimensional double (dream body), exploring a synchronous group ride directly to the Sun, facing the Sun and reconnecting with the Sun drawing its energy and intelligence in order to uplift and transform our consciousness. We will journey in the Astral body, navigating together synchronously and coming back to the Earth reality and to the Local Reality.

This app is developed as an upcoming series of 7 TimeSpace rides to reawaken and cultivate our SuperMind capacities.

Result of TimeSpace rides:

– Deep state of peace, balance and mind clarity
– Receive new perceptions and vision
– Remembering forgotten powers
– Cultivation of astral or time travel
– Experiencing the interconnection of yourself with Universal energies
– Enhance lucid dreaming

Reality is the dream. Memory is the Reality.

The Science behind synchronized meditation:

It has been observed many times that when a group of people synchronize with common intention, it manifests. This system allows for perfect synchronization by using atomic clocks and GPS signals worldwide to create a powerful, positive impact on the planet by synchronizing brainwaves of unlimited groups of participants.