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Weather Pro provides users with accurate and authoritative weather forecasts, helping you to plan future trips and search weather infor you need.

The Pro version contains no ads and provides a better experience.

【weather function】
· Provide you with 15-day weather forecasts, 24-hour weather forecasts
· Real-time weather radar map , global weather changes at a glance
· Outdoor data such as air pressure, humidity, rainfall probability, visibility, wind power, etc.
· Daily dynamic information, such as,sunrise, sunset and moon phase changes
· Life index such as UV, sports, dressing, fishing, car washing, and susceptibility to colds

【special function】
· Weather background: With Light mode, it offers massive excellent pics, which can changes aucomitaclly with day&night.
· Global weather forecasts: Authorized multi-source data, covering the global main cities.

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