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Photility - Tracing Projector artwork Tracing Projector
Genre: Education
Release Date: September 7, 2016

Tracing Projector is your personal portable drawing and composition tool.

Having Tracing Projector is like always having a sheet of tracing paper with you! Find any image you'd like to draw, then look at your screen while you trace the image on paper!

– Create Something! Make real one-of-a-kind artwork you can hang on your wall!

– Learn to Draw! Learn proportions and important lines by tracing photos of anything! Use several filters to enhance your photo, making it easier to trace.

– Trace on your Face! Great for face painting or artistic makeup!

– Send unique greetings on social media! Friends and family will love to see your animated drawings on their time line and news feed!

– Show off your skills! Record a video while you draw and share it on your favorite social network. Your friends will be amazed! Choose from time-lapse and regular speeds, and include a narrative if you want to.

– Great for school projects! Need to draw an image from a book on a poster? Trace it!

– Kick-start your painting or portrait! Transfer your idea from a photo to your drawing canvas to get the proportions right.

– Match the Composition! Transfer your plan from a sketch to the scrapbook page or photo wall!

Tracing Projector is a modern take on Camera Lucida, an invention from more than two hundred years ago that consists of a mirror or prism which you position above a drawing surface. The mirror or prism reflects the object you would like to draw so that your eye sees the object superimposed on your drawing surface.

Several tools make it really easy to trace your image:

– Handheld Mode — On supported devices, Augmented Reality keeps your tracing image steady while you hold your device at a comfortable angle. (demo video Requires iOS 11.3 or later on iPhone 6s/6s Plus or iPad Pro and later. Works best on stable horizontal and vertical surfaces with good light and some visible surface detail.

– Lock the camera focus to keep the image steady while you trace.

– Lock the canvas area to keep your layout and alignment while you zoom in to get a close look at your work in progress.

– Several Filter modes enhance your image, increasing contrast to give you a better result.

– Use the flashlight to light up your drawing. (requires Full Version)

– Use the selfie camera and draw on your face. (requires Full Version)

Other features make it fun and easy to share your creations with your friends.

– Video recording in Time Lapse mode to make things smaller and faster and cooler. You can enable normal-speed and audio on the Settings screen.

– Still image capture while you draw, to capture snapshot images of your drawing in progress. (requires Full Version)

– The recorded video or snapshot includes a small thumbnail of the tracing image (with an option to turn that off).

– Your videos and snapshots are stored automatically and available to share later from within the app or iTunes file sharing.

– Sharing your videos and photos is easy with a preview screen and saved photos/videos!

– Interrupted while recording your drawing? No problem – Combine multiple videos to create a single video for sharing! Use the Edit feature on the Saved Files screen: select two movies and tap Join.

Tracing Projector is Enhanced For 3D Touch! Start right away from the camera or photo album from the home screen! Force-touch on the tracing image to peek at your progress while you draw!

– For best results, stabilize your device above your drawing surface. A stack of books, drinking glass, or tripod works best.
– The app requires access to your camera in order to present its overlay for drawing.
– The app requires access to your photos in order to load an image to trace and to save the video of your drawing.
– The app optionally uses your microphone when recording a video while you draw.
– The free version has no advertising; drawing sessions are limited to three minutes. Upgrade available for unlimited time.

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