Scanner Utility 2020 – 艳涛 秦

Scanner utility 2020 is the fastest QR / bar code scanner out there. QR & Bar code Scanner is an essential app for every.

Scanner utility 2020 QR & Bar code Scanner / QR code reader is extremely easy to use; simply point to QR or bar code you want to scan and app will automatically detect and scan it. No need to press any buttons

Also you can your Scan your documents with Scanner utility 2020.

Features of our Scanner utility 2020.
-can Create your bar code and Qr code.
-Scan Qr code and Bar code and get it information.
-You can Copy your Scan data of Bar code and Qr code.
-You can share your Created bar code and Qr code Share with your social app.
-Also You can scan your Document with amazing document Scanning
-No ads.
-Full App free.
-Also many more Coming soon.