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Alexander Leventis
Genre: Education
Release Date: October 29, 2020

Do you feel your opinion often goes unheard? Do you want to discuss and debate the latest news in politics, sports, or entertainment? Introducing Rumble Debate, a platform that has been exclusively designed for you, to voice your opinion and be heard. Rumble Debate, provides you with an opportunity to connect and initiate a constructive discussion with people who have opposing views on recent issues and current events.

This unfiltered social media platform allows you to search and connect with people around the globe to converse, argue, and come up with innovative solutions to existing problems and make a difference. If you want to Connect, Discuss, or Argue, Rumble Debate is the platform for you!

How does Rumble Work?

– Create a customized profile for free
– Select a topic of your choice
– Pick a stance on that topic
– Get matched with someone on the opposite side of that argument
– Connect with others to have a civil discussion and debate about the said topic
– Rank your opponent on their arguments
– Get ranked after the debate
– Be among the Top Ranked Rumblers
– Connect with new people
– Raise your voice and be an agent of change

Rumble Debate is a one-of-a-kind platform created for the social justice warriors, students, professionals, intellectuals, and the highly opinionated people of social media. It gives you an opportunity to find interesting people and put your opinions to the test. Chat privately with your opponents to have a head-to-head conversation, without the judgement and the noise created by others on the different social media platforms.

Create your free account on Rumble Debate and Get your voice heard.

– Customize your profile, add a photo, your bio, and location
– Get matched with the Top-Ranked Rumblers
– Debate and discuss with different people around the globe and on different topics at the same time
– Rumble More to rank the highest

Whether you’re interested in sports, politics, pop culture, or entertainment, our debate topics have been curated to keep you engaged and entertained. Use this platform to connect with new people and freely discuss revolutionary ideas and express your opinion.

Rumble Debate is your go-to social media application to connect with others, raise your voice, and make a difference!
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