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PicoBong - Remoji Sex Toys artwork Remoji Sex Toys
Genre: Lifestyle
Release Date: May 24, 2016

REMOJI™ is more than just a remote control for the newest series of PicoBong™ sex toys―it's a music-inspired, game-like app that will help you take control of your sex life!

REMOJI™ is world’s first sex toy remote control app designed for the public use with 6 powerful vibration modes inspired by music, so get ready for loads of fun whenever (and wherever!) you want, by yourself or with a partner. Just pair your Lifeguard™ Ring Vibe, Surfer™ Plug Vibe, Diver™ Egg Vibe or Blowhole™ M-Cup to your smartphone via Bluetooth® and prepare to get off (with) your phone!

Visit for more info, videos and helpful hints or to pick up a fun new PicoBong product to use with REMOJI™.
The REMOJI™ app can only be paired up with the PicoBong devices from the REMOJI™ Range of products.

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