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Genre: Lifestyle
Release Date: December 19, 2016

The reality of designing your makeup looks on a digital platform is here! Makeup artists, you can now create full face custom looks for your clients with just a few taps. All the tools you need to design a bridal or event look, manage your clientele and contact lists, and the ability to sell products more efficiently is in your pocket, on one device.

Key Features:

Over 17 makeup tools to help customize your client’s looks – Eye shadow, lip color, blemish and skin perfecting, and even digital faux eyelashes can be applied to a photo.

Unlimited custom color options, including the ability to sample a color from a photo or an object on your live camera screen. Create your own color palettes using the color wheel, and adjust the saturation for bold color.

All-in-one client management tool for managing client’s profiles, images, reference photos, payments, and more.

Touch-up features that allow you to remove blemishes, dark circles, or soften the texture of the skin.

Accurate makeup placement using cutting-edge face detection technology.

Save and share looks with your clients via text message.

Communicating and booking with your clients in the app.


1.Perfect365 PRO is currently in English only
2.The in-app messaging feature may not function without a U.S. mobile number

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