Oh My Homework – Jakub Klementewicz

Jakub Klementewicz - Oh My Homework artwork Oh My Homework
Jakub Klementewicz
Genre: Education
Release Date: December 28, 2020

OhMyHomework solves tasks step-by-step like the teachers do. It's a great tool to verify your answers/results or see how the task should be done.
The app offers help with Maths, Physics, Chemistry and English.

OhMyHomework will help you understand: fractions, roots, powers, functions, linear function, quadratic function & graphs, BODMAS and much more!
It has never been easier to do homework!

– Function
– Linear function
– Quadratic function
– Graphs
– Fractions
– Power (Exponentiation)
– Root
– Surfaces
– Perimeters
– Volumes
– Converter

– Kinematics
– Dynamics
– Work, Power, Energy

– Chemical Elements

– Present Simple
– Present Continuous
– Present Perfect
– Present Perfect Continuous
– Past Simple
– Past Continuous
– Past Perfect
– Past Perfect Continuous
– Future Simple
– Future Continuous
– Future Perfect
– Future Perfect Continuous

Table of irregular verbs.

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