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Genre: Lifestyle
Release Date: June 2, 2016

Word's No#1 TRUTH or DARE Game :: Take yourself to the next level of TRUTH or DARE – with A Free & Naughty Game to spice up boring parties or night outs.

It’s Simple – No need for Bottles. Just Shake your Phone to Swap Players and Truth or Dare Cards!

“It's a fun app when ur bored with friends, it also builds social skills and it improves friendships” – Konichiwa Chloe desu

“This is a really good game. It brings out my dark side… MWAHAHAHAHAHA!” – Ava Lu

“I love it because there's so many dares” – Blazup2135

Invited your girl’s/boy’s gang for a intimate party? Make it more interesting with crazy, silly truth and dare cards.

Having your kid’s friends for a stay-over? Entertain them with some creative and funny truth and dares.

Different Games Modes: You can select game modes – Kids, teens or extreme and get truths or dares accordingly.

Want to add a personal touch to the game? – Create your own customized truth and dare cards.

Having a big group of friends? Not to Worry! Truth Or Dare App is a allows 25 players to play at a time.

Compatible with iOS 10 & iPhone 7 & iPad PRO.

What are you waiting for? Download the app now and bring life in your boring party!!!!

NOTE: Black Truth Or Dare itself is not a game. It was created to be paired with passing the cards style card games. Black Truth Or Dare Cards game is not affiliated with any of these games – Cards Against Humanity ™ or Apples to Apples ™.
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