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Music First
Genre: Education
Release Date: October 11, 2015

The MusicFirst Student App allows students who are subscribed to the MusicFirst Online Classroom to view and complete tasks assigned to them by their teachers, using an iOS device.

The MusicFirst Student App requires a student username and password, provided by their teacher or school administrator.

Students simply log in, and will see a list of their assigned tasks.

If a task requires them to make a recording, the App provides a recorder where students can play directly into the microphone on their iOS device. When they are satisfied with their recording, students can submit it directly to the MusicFirst Cloud for their teachers to review immediately from a desktop computer.

Other MusicFirst Cloud Apps such as Focus on Sound and Noteflight can be accessed directly from the MusicFirst Student App. Tasks that teachers have assigned to students for these Apps can also be completed and submitted for their teachers to review and grade online.
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