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翔驹 詹
Genre: Lifestyle
Release Date: April 12, 2020

The great media tool for every social savvy that save time on Instagram! The app also allows you get a detail insights and complete report about your feed map. Curious of what types of post is popular? It is cool to have the worry about the low activity of account and have on idea to improve it. We solve it.

The great media partners that allows user to schedule, preview and plan for media and management-well account with the analytics insights. The directly view of profile data of post, follower and following.

The Features:
– Make layout for the captions and preview with good view.
– Replace photos anytime, set the timer to remind self and manage list.
– Includes many insights and analysis the feed.
– Plan and manage your profile, get quick popular.
– Arrange and schedule your posts on time.
– Obvious data intensive of post, carousels, videos.

With the app, it is all in one-step to prepare and preview your posts with the friendly function and obvious post data insights. If you have question, welcome to contact with us!
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