Magic Globe-AR – 涵 赖

This is an application that makes the globe more fun and interesting. It uses AR, 3D interaction, voice and other technologies to bring users a brand-new product experience. It empowers products with high-tech, so as to enhance the reputation of the brand in the hearts of users. It is rich in content, including 12 major content themes, and educational content is the most popular application in the industry. There are national famous buildings in the world, ancient dinosaur world, natural wonders of astronomy and geography, and interesting question bank. Let children fall in love with astronomy and geography.

12 themes:

*Animal world;

*Dinosaur world;

*World Architecture;

*Encyclopedia of geography;

*Weather phenomena;

*Solar system;

*The structure of the earth;

*World food;

*World famous school;

*Famous scenic spots;

*World celebrities;