KedaManga – Comic reader – 晖铠 陈

This is a comic reader dedicated to your comic collections.

If you love comics, you probably have tons of comic files sitting on your disk, they may be zip or rar, cbz or cbr, epub or pdf,or just Folders.

Now with KedaManga, you can read all these files on your iOS devices with great experience! The app supports all kinds of files listed above, and it even allows you to nest your files, you can put a Zip file inside a folder, then put another RAR file inside that zip, KedaManga can open them right away, you don’t need to flatten them manually. The app also comes with a handy navigation sidebar to help you jump between folders/archives, just like WinRar on windows!


– Special “Zen” read mode, set up your headphone, and read comics in the wonderful virtual world!
– Support ZIP, ZIP64, encrypted ZIP, RAR, encrypted RAR, CBZ, and CBR files
– Support EPUB, PDF
– Open archive file without decompression
– Support nested archive
– Split large image, merge small images
– Support paging mode and smooth mode
– You can lock the screen orientation
– You can change the read direction
– Support keyboard control, hold the command key ⌘ to checkout shortcuts
– Import comic files in many ways:
– A embed HTTP Server
– Connect to a WebDAV server
– Connect to a SMB server
– Connect to a FTP Server
– Support common img formats:
– jpg, png, webP, gif, apng, bmp
– Password book to let you manage archive passwords
– Guess archive password base on password book

The most exciting thing about KedaManga is it supports “Streaming Reading”, if your server is set up with WebDAV or SMB protocol, then all the Zip files on that server can be open instantly without downloading the whole zip file, KedaManga only downloads the part you need! If the network condition is good, you probably won’t realize these Zip files is store on the server 😛

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