Kakamega卡卡梅加 – Siu lui shirley Choi

From award winning composer Shirley Choi comes The Rainforest Musical Kakamega, an exciting 90 minutes adventure application in both English and Chinese with pinyin. Children ages 5-12 will enjoy this colorful, fun app’s nine chapters featuring twelve original songs.

Children will enjoy learning fun facts about the rainforest, meeting new animal friends, and playing along with Kakamega’s rich musical score!

Kakamega follows the story of Kaka and Yano, young twins who live in the lush, diverse — but endangered — rainforest. When Henry, a sick boy from the city, runs away into the forest, Kaka and Yano decide to help him by finding a mythical, magical, healing flower.

Joined by singing animals and talking trees, the children make their way through the rainforest. On their journey they discover the dangers of the logging industry, and make it their mission to convince the loggers or the importance of preserving their forest home.

Happy Diamond Music Studio

Happy Diamond Music Studio is based in Hong Kong. We seek to educate children through engaging stories about the nature and our threatened environment, from facts about ecosystems to concepts of conservation.