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Release Date: May 17, 2011

HomeAdvisor is the #1 home improvement app for connecting homeowners with home service contractors. Find the best local contractors from our network, featuring hundreds of thousands of customer-rated pros specializing in more than 500 home renovation, repair and maintenance projects.

Schedule your next appointment with the HomeAdvisor app – the fastest and easiest way to find top contractors. Whether you need help with home remodeling, home improvement, home repair, roofing, maintenance, or anything else around the house, we can connect you with the pro you need.

HomeAdvisor’s free home improvement app lets you discover and compare contractors, read reviews from real customers, view pricing, and schedule their appointments.

Schedule home improvement appointments quickly with our instant booking option, so you can book the best local contractors without having to play phone tag. Get upfront pricing and pay pros directly through the app.

Remodeling and renovation projects are now easier than ever when you find and book a contractor through HomeAdvisor. From landscape design to pest control to home renovation, HomeAdvisor can find you the professional for the job.

Download HomeAdvisor for free today and find contractors for your home improvement and repair projects anytime, anywhere.

HomeAdvisor Features:

– Discover home improvement professionals and compare their ratings and reviews
– Search HomeAdvisor’s extensive network of contractors for any home renovation need
– Book contractors and set up appointments instantly with local, available pros
– View contractor ratings and reviews from real customers

– Compare home services costs for hundreds of home projects with True Cost Guide
– Get upfront pricing on your home projects
– Track contractors and home improvement projects
– Pay pros directly through the HomeAdvisor app

Find and hire contractors for home remodel, repair and improvement projects, including:
– Remodeling & Additions (Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels)
– Roofing
– House painting
– House Cleaning & Maid Services
– Windows
– Tree Services
– Renovation
– Concrete
– Handyman Services
– Electrician
– Heating & Furnace Systems
– Pest Control
– Decks
– Foundations
– Plumbing professional
– Lawn care & maintenance
– Landscaping
– Lawn mower
– Garage Doors
– Siding
– Tile
– Fences

Find home remodeling, improvement & repair contractors with HomeAdvisor – the fastest and easiest way to schedule the professionals and services you need. Download now and start your next home project!

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