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Qiao Hua Yu
Genre: Lifestyle
Release Date: July 16, 2020

Hey there! Hey Live Video Chat Worldwide provides you instant access to meet new fun people all around the world. You will be able to access person-to-person 1 on 1 video chat session instantly with literally anyone around the world. You can video chat with random fun exciting people around the globe.

By meeting new people we want you to make meaningful connections and we truly believe this can make the world a better place while people know more each other from various countries and culture backgrounds.

At anytime, from anywhere, you can connect new people, speaking different languages, from the tip of your thumb, instantly.

Our Key Features:

– Tap to match people all around the world

– Pick gender or regional preference of your choice

– Make meaningful connections

– Video chat and text your connected friends

Community Rules:

We want to ensure everyone can have a SAFE and ENJOYABLE experience on Hey.

User with following manners will be permanently banned, literally.

– Underage users (Must be 18+)

– Bullying & harassment

– Nudity

– Weapon & Drugs

– Any illegal activity

– Spam

In-app Purchases:

You can match your desired gender only, by purchasing crystals. For each matched profile, it charges 14 crystals.

Normally you can add friend within a chat session, but you can also use crystals to add friends, even after the session. By spending 100 crystals you can add friends under the chat history tab.

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Privacy Policy: https://www.notion.so/Privacy-Policy-ff60720adbc54702bdcbb0ba6553f6de
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