Doomsday Sword – Bloody Duel – 佳喜 景

In the Doomsday City, a ninja named Lee is fighting against the enemy who came to pursue him, because he has the important information that the enemy needs. , Need to block his life to protect this information
game rules:
1. Tap the screen to launch a variety of weapons, weapons appear randomly
2. Enemies appear randomly from the right side of the City of Doom. You can get 2 points if you hit an enemy. If the enemy flies away from you, you will lose 1 point. If you lose 20 points, the game will end.
3. When you exceed 50 points, a companion will appear to help you defend against the enemy. When you exceed 100 points, a companion will appear again. When you exceed 500 points, a third companion will appear. Minutes and get more than 500 points, then this game wins
Nervous background music and cool weapons, I hope you like this game, download it now