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Yoga is a healthy lifestyle that can make the mind and body fit. People living in modern cities are busy and nervous, so many people suffer from chronic mental illness. For example, neck pain, headache, back pain, stomach pain, constipation, and emotional anxiety. Through Asanas, you can train your body’s softness, muscle endurance, cardiopulmonary function, and body balance. With Pranayama, it can massage viscera and endocrine glands, improve visceral function, balance hormones, relax mood and relieve stress. The benefit of practicing yoga is that it is not restricted by any age, place, weather, and time. Therefore, practicing yoga is a simple, convenient and effective way to improve physical and mental health, and it is also easy to persevere.
Daily Yoga: Meditation & Workout app has Virtual Assistant lead you to workout, and it has a reminder function to remind you to practice yoga regularly. You can easily use this application to arrange your daily yoga. All you need is just download Daily Yoga: Meditation & Workout. and a yoga mat, you can do yoga exercises at home.
Daily Yoga: Meditation & Workout has prepared a wealth of yoga courses for you, whether you are a beginner or a senior yoga enthusiast, you can find a yoga course suitable for you. We know that you must be passionate about yoga. Daily Yoga: Meditation & Workout will update the application from time to time to meet the needs of yoga enthusiasts, and we guarantee that it is free forever.

Main features of Daily Yoga: Meditation & Workout:
– Lose weight and get fit in a few minutes.
– No equipment needed, self-weight to exercise at home.
– Save performance history.
– Regular reminders remind you to complete the exercise course of the day.
– The Built-in calendar, automatically marks your workout.
– Customize your bodybuilding plan, choose your own course and generate a list of exercise courses.
– Add favorite fitness classes to the list for your next workout.
– Save and summarize data for each workout, track fitness progress and calories burned.
– Your data is safe in your cellphone with you
– Detailed animation guide.
– Share with friends on social media.
– Virtual Assistant lead you to workout
– Elegant voice guide your workout

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Notes for fitness exercise:
– It takes longer to warm up. Be sure to stretch enough before exercising to avoid straining your muscles
– Know your limit and do it step by step. Over workout may cause harm to your body, take it easy, and except it for the long term.
– Pay attention to replenishing water while doing your workout, not only freshwater but also salted one. It is best to drink some fresh salted water when you doing your exercise to make the body hydrated.
– When you finish the exercise, stretch for at least 10 minutes.