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Genre: Lifestyle
Release Date: July 3, 2019

Earn points for every question you answer and redeem them for gift cards at your favorite stores like Amazon, Sephora, Target, Walmart and more. You can even earn subscriptions to your favorite services like Hulu and Apple Music.

Join our community of 1,000,000+ users and tell that the brands you love exactly what you think, so they’ll make decisions based on your influence.

Start your new favorite side hustle today. Download the Crowdtap app so you can earn gift cards on the go!


Crowdtap offers up quick and interesting paid surveys for you to answer every day. Simply share your opinion and get points instantly and earn gift cards — It’s that easy.

When you’ve got a few seconds to spare, why not put your opinions to work? There’s no cost to you — Crowdtap is completely free to use.

The more you answer, the more your earn! Redeem your points for awesome rewards now.

You can also reach out to @CrowdtapSupport on Twitter with questions!

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