Coin Circle – 深圳市七分钱网络科技有限公司

Coin Circle APP is an APP developed for blockchain and digital currency users. It includes providing blockchain industry information, fast market quotations, and foreign currency quotations. It is committed to creating an authoritative and professional foreign exchange information platform for all investment enthusiasts, so that investors can always Grasp the market conditions and four major characteristics:
1. Market display: APP docks all digital currency market sources from open source market quotations from well-known international platforms, and can truly and objectively feed back the market dynamics of the real market, and then APP uses the advantages of the original experience to create an industry display number with excellent experience Currency candlestick chart.
2. Industry dynamics: gather the insights of famous experts in the industry and timely news in the industry field, so that users can capture every news development.
3. Article publishing: You can publish your own opinions on the platform to discuss with Biyou.
4. User communication: The APP opens up user comments on articles, facilitating the exchange of knowledge between users’ questions and senior market conditions.