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Genre: Lifestyle
Release Date: November 3, 2018

Welcome to Churchome, we're so happy you are here.

We have designed a faith practice for modern life. Take just five minutes of each day for a Guided Prayer experience. If you do this, we truly believe it will transform your life, day by day, minute by minute

Since becoming lead pastors in 2009, Judah and Chelsea have built Churchome into a thriving community with intention to stay biblically sound and culturally relevant in the modern world. We have branched out naturally to find new ways to spread the word of God and reach our community whenever and wherever they need it most. This app and the Guided Prayers within it are designed to demystify the Word by making connecting to God really simple.

Perhaps you are…

– looking for a peaceful respite in your busy day
– reconnecting with your faith
– wanting to develop a consistent spiritual practice
– coping with pain or loss
– curious and looking to shift your perspective
– feeling adrift and want to explore a new path
– need help overcoming specific life challenges
– looking for a vibrant, accepting, compassionate community

You’re welcome here. Give it a try and let us know what you think. In just five minutes, we will guide you to a place of love and grace, giving you the strength to transform your life, day by day, minute by minute.
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