Cheersland Music Time 森心樂院 – Hoi Ying Kung

This music app design is based on the daily classes in Cheersland and tailor-made for music users to gain more music theory knowledge. It’s now one of our teaching materials before regular classes start

1) Build the music theory knowledge via a creative and interesting teaching approach

2) Total consists of 8 lessons

3) Contain a tutorial class before every game starts

4) Lessons include but not limited to understand what is treble clef, bass clef, name of notes, dynamic and tempo, time signature and time value, sharp & flat, legato & staccato,perfect pitch via ear training etc.

5) A game certificate can be shared and printed out after the game to encourage your kids for doing well after 8 lessons


4)8個單元包括介紹音符、節拍與節奏、琴鍵名稱、訓練視聽 – 絕對音感、清楚拍子快慢、音樂常見符號的意思、Sharp & Flat (升調與降調)、Legato & Staccato (連音與跳音)等等…..
5)遊戲完結後可分享並列印本遊戲證書鼓勵小朋友 分享快樂學習成果