CarsBattle 3 – 洋 景

More than 50 battle cars and weapons for you!

Very exited Game!

How to play CarsBattle – Escape Car Survival War
• Download and launch the tank wars game
• Tap on the play icon to start the car wars cop pursuit
• Tap left or right to change the car direction
• Tap left and right at the same time to go reverse
• Steer clear of ammunition and other survivors
• Last till everyone else is shot to win the game

Features of CarsBattle – Escape Car Survival War
• Simple and easy car chase parking games UI/UX
• Clutter free road games layout featuring smooth controls
• Stunning master tank wars graphics and breathtaking motion effects
• Survive the tank wars for as long as you can and be the last one to survive to win the grand game
• Single tap pause/play park and motion controls to win smash road game
• Steer clear of car hill climb chase gas tanks and other survivors
• Do not approach the blue bubble showing ammunition
• Move left, right, forward and reverse to dodge the bullets and other survivors
• Survive need for the most wanted speed car chase tank war and earn points
• Popup csr statements informing you about dead and remaining survivors
• Collect score for survival as well as kills at the end of the game
• Driving police car chasing mania featuring more than 100 survivors at the start on theft auto
• Collect exciting gifts and daily rewards