Cardpack – secure scanning app – 平 李

Electronic versions or copies of ID cards or bank cards are often used in daily life. These certificates or cards are extremely important and highly private. A slight leakage or loss may cause unexpected consequences.
Although there are already many apps for scanning ID cards and bank cards in various colors on the market, most of these apps are based on cloud computing (that is, the card photos are sent to a remote server for analysis). I personally feel that security is a little insufficient, and remote transmission may not only be hijacked, Even the App itself handles relevant benefits for these card photos. So there is this App, which is completely based on the real-time scanning of the mobile phone camera, uses the visual algorithm to quickly lock the card, and exports it into the electronic version of the specification. It is purely on the mobile phone without any Internet behavior. It can be said that as long as the phone is not lost, it will not cause privacy. , Safety and other losses.
Has the following characteristics:
Based on the visual algorithm scanning technology, the card scan can be realized on the mobile phone to generate a scanned copy of the card without the need for networking.
The card is scanned in a pure mobile phone environment without any networking behavior. The scanned photos are encrypted and stored in the mobile phone sandbox, which cannot be obtained and read by others, ensuring the privacy and security of the card.
The scanned card can be exported to A4 format, add black and white filters, etc., and finally can be exported or stored in an album using Apple’s encrypted transmission technology, which is convenient for daily use.
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