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Release Date: October 1, 2019

Bond is Your 24/7 Personal Security Concierge, on a mission to create a safer world.

Feeling safer has never been simpler. Or more seamless. Bond’s security services are designed to provide you and your loved ones greater confidence and peace of mind, wherever you go.

Our easy-to-use app delivers you a comprehensive suite of services that address the array of safety concerns you have as you move through your day: whether the answer to a simple safety question, a watchful eye in uncomfortable situations, or emergency response support. Anytime you feel unsafe, simply select one of our preventative services. Or you can tap to connect to our Command Center via chat, video or call. A trained Personal Security Agent is ready to assist you, 24/7.

With a combination of proprietary technology, an easy-to use app, and coordination with first responders, we’re creating a comprehensive security platform for you and your loved ones. Always here. Always ready. Bond is your 24/7 security concierge.

Our paid Personal Security Agent services include:
1. 24/7 Security Agents: No matter the need — whether simple safety question or feeling of unease — reach out to a live Personal Security Agent via chat, call, or live video for security guidance, 24/7.

2. Live Video Monitor Me: Whenever you’re feeling uneasy about your situation or surroundings, simply tap Video Monitor Me and a Personal Security Agent will be instantly by your side to accompany you via live video. The Personal Security Agent will monitor the situation and stay with you until you feel safe.

3. Track My Walk: If you’re nervous while walking alone or in an unfamiliar area, you can activate Track My Walk and have our Personal Security Agent and technology monitor you as you move from one location to the next.

4. Send Me a Car (via physical third party): If you need to get to safety quickly, tap Send Me a Car and our Personal Security Agents will send a car to pick you up and take you to a nearby safe place.

5. Roadside Assistance (via physical third party): If you have car trouble and need road-side assistance, reach out to a Personal Security Agent to help you get back on the road, through partnerships with top providers. This service is accessible through the Personal Security Agent, and does not have a dedicated button.

Free Services:
6. Ready An Agent: If you’re feeling cautious and want to put a Personal Security Agent on alert, tap Ready An Agent. Press and hold anywhere on the screen, then release to be instantly connected to our Personal Security Agents.

7. Siren: In order to deter unwanted company and draw attention to a threat, hold down the Siren button for 3-seconds to activate a loud alarm and flashing lights. If you don’t deactivate Siren after 10-seconds, you’ll be connected to a Personal Security Agent for help.

8. 911 Dialer: We are not a replacement for the authorities. In the event of an emergency, you can tap the 911 button to be connected to the authorities.

Whether informational, preventative or urgent, Bond is here, 24/7, to keep you and your loved ones safer. Try our Premium services free for 30 days, or simply choose our Free services.

To learn more, visit We look forward to you and your loved ones joining the Bond community.

Bond is for ages 13 and older (with ages 13-17 requiring parental permission at registration). You can read our full Terms of Use here:

At Bond your security is of the utmost importance to us. Your data is only used to provide you with enhanced safety. We follow the highest standards and requirements for personal data handling and safety and will not sell or rent your data to 3rd parties. You can read our full Privacy Policy here:
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