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Bodyreader-healthy living starts with body posture.

Function introduction
-AI intelligence, accurate and fast evaluation-
Eliminate the interference factors of manual detection, and the results can be obtained immediately.
-Rich data and hard-core algorithms-
Years of solution experience and continuous upgrade of algorithms will bring you personalized analysis suggestions.

-For the crowd-
Problems such as Hunchback, Scoliosis and Knock Knees caused by bad habits of teenagers
The sub-healthy posture of the office crowd who sits and stands for a long time affects their body shape.
The risk of injury during sports, etc.

Bodyreader comprehensively analyzes posture and posture problems, and takes three photos to quickly detect posture problems and obtain results.
Posture analysis may be influenced by personal wear or hair style, report is for reference only, you should seek a doctor’s advice if you need a medical judgement.

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