Bio Kegel – 水山 殷

Peiru is a professional brand of pelvic muscle trainer; women can not only promote postpartum pelvic floor recovery, but also can tighten vagina through pelvic floor muscle training.
The product adopts the form of a probe integrated device, through wireless charging, wireless control, it is more convenient and comfortable for users.

Muscle strength assessment: Quickly assess the user’s EMG level.

Glazer muscle strength assessment: Basis on the international standard assessment method, the user’s pelvic floor muscles are evaluated at rest, relaxation, rapid contraction, maintaining contraction, and endurance.

EMG-assisted electrical stimulation: The user relaxes through voluntary contraction, controls the output of electrical stimulation, and assists in strengthening active training.

Electrical stimulation: The user achieves recovery training of the pelvic floor muscles through passive electrical stimulation.

Game training: The user completes the training through games to make the training funny.
Record: Users can check their completion and recovery status through records.