Bagel – 塑造「優質親子時間」的好幫手 – Kai Chun Chan

Bagel makes it easy to find great things to do with your kids. Open the app and instantly discover hundreds of ideas, curated by working parents like yourself, to help keep kids entertained. Better still, everything comes with recommended ages, duration and benefits, so you can only pick things that are right for your children.

Benefits of using Bagel:

**Save you time**
Bagel is designed by and for working parents on the go. We help you find great things to do with your kids within minutes. You will never run out of idea how to entertain your kids again.

**Explore any interest**
From storytelling to DIY toys to STEM experiments to cooking, Bagel allows you to discover hundreds of ideas to help you spend quality time with your little ones.

**Form lasting relationships**
Study says seizing quality moments of connection, not quantity, is the key to build relationships between the parent and child. Bagel makes it easy to deliver those short bursts of undivided attention.

We love hearing from the parents who are using Bagel. So if you need help, or would just like to send us some feedback, email