B737 cockpit – 에듀템

Please read below as it may affect your buying decision (Important!!!!).
Overall image quality didn’t turn out as good as we expected it to be.
(Long story short, our design & development team overlooked a minor issue in the beginning, later the final outcome turned out in a way that it failed to meet our expectation)
Here what we refer to “not good image quality” is, for some people, it’d be somewhat difficult to read small fonts written on switches.
We are publishing the app with reduced price because of this reason.
So please make sure to check out the preview video first and see if B737cockpit will meet your needs. Thank you.

Preview video:

* We are planning on hopefully redoing the whole development process if the profit is enough in the future, in which case, you will be simply required to update the app in order to download an enhanced version.
However, for now, we will see how everything plays out. Our team will keep you guys posted in regard to any updates.

B737 Cockpit offers overall layout of B737 flight deck.

This app will be useful if you:

* need to get yourself familiar with B737 cockpit

* occasionally forget the name and location of each switches

* Want to facilitate your chair flying experience more efficent

This will be a great learning tool for preliminary pilot soon to be flying 737. This will also come in handy as a reminder for those who are currently flying 737 now.
No more need to hang the poster on your wall. You can get access to inside the cockpit anytime anywhere.

Refer to the introduction video and screenshots to find out more about what you can expect from this app!


* A few of panels and switches may vary depending on the aircraft’s particular model and options. However, vast majority of them
should be identical.

Any inquries or comments regarding the app, please contact us at goappcs@gmail.com.

Thanks for downloading.

Preview video: