Asharq News الشرق للأخبار – اقتصاد الشرق

With the aim of broadcasting unique content, Asharq News leverages the latest technologies to deliver accurate and comprehensive information as well as in-depth analysis to decision-makers and the general public.
Asharq News is owned by Asharq News Services Limited, a subsidiary of Saudi Research and Marketing Group (SRMG).
An exclusive content agreement between SRMG and Bloomberg Media, the business and financial information and news leader, powers a key component of Asharq News, Asharq Business with Bloomberg, that draws on Bloomberg’s extensive coverage from hundreds of journalists and analysts globally.
Asharq News is headquartered in Riyadh with central offices in Dubai and Washington, and key hubs and studios in Cairo and Abu Dhabi. It also has a network of regional offices and correspondents in major cities of leading global nations.

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