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ArcusChat 彩聊这是一款可帮助商家B2C线上客服,您可提供专属的代码给客户,您的客户加入后,您可以变成线上客服提供给您的客人快速提供技术谘询与群组谈话,商家可根据不同问题分群管理和交流。

This is a B2C online customer service helps retailers.You can provide exclusive retailer code to the customer. After your customer joins, you can provide online customer service to your customers with quick technical consultation and group conversation. Retailers can manage and communicate according to different issues.

使用彩聊ArcusChat,您可以立即沟通,避免SMS费用 ; 您可以创建工作小群,方便您可以与所有工作夥伴在这个群内聊天,共享档案和文件,同時您也透過專屬客服解決工作項目問題。
You can chat in an instant, and avoid any SMS billing by using ArcusChat. You can chat with all your colleagues in the private chat rooms that you create. While sharing files and documents, you can also use our exclusive customer support to solve work problems.

Check out which group chat you need to join! ArcusChat let you quickly find technical discussion groups that you’re interested in. You can access group chats quickly and contact related technical personnel. Help you on related fields of technical support service.

ArcusChat not only manage customer service’s messages but also adds colleagues and relevant personnel to the group chat to work as a team. That is why we made a group chat room function. Basically, when you join the organization, it will add you to the group chat automatically to share files and be a part of the discussion of customer issue.

Clear directory for you to navigate!This is a work app that is classified as a professional discussion group.
You won’t receive complicated social messages to affect your work progress.
You will focus on the progress of the work that needs to be solved immediately.
You will find a solution quickly when encountering a work problem.
Complete your work quickly and efficiently.