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Pearson Education, Inc.
Genre: Education
Release Date: November 11, 2019

In calculus, getting the answer doesn’t always mean understanding the solution. The Aida | Calculus app from Pearson is the first mobile AI tutor that provides instant feedback on your steps, as well as hundreds of videos and worked-out examples.

Go beyond the final answer – understand how to solve the problem and relate to math in the real world.


• Explore calculus – Visualization helps you see logical connections between different calculus concepts, so you can understand and progress through them more easily.
• Math in the real world – Engaging interactive videos are based on the most difficult concepts, showing you fun and relatable explanations.
• Suggestions for you – The more you use Aida, the more it adapts to your learning style and recommends useful activities.
• Step-by-step feedback – You can get real-time feedback and hints on a homework problem by taking a snapshot of your work from your iPhone, or entering your solution using the app’s keyboard.

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