Ньвисаред Пироз – Институт перевода Библии

Dear Readers! For the first time we are making available to you in this form books of the Holy Scriptures (also known as the Bible) in the Kurmanji dialect of the Kurds of Caucasus countries.
The Bible is an extremely important book and read by a countless number of people, which is why it is also known as the «Book of books».

The Bible consists of 66 books, written by many different writers as determined by God and over a long period of time. These books tell stories beginning at the creation of the world and going up to the first generation after Jesus the Christ, or Messiah.

The Bible consists of two parts originally written in the ancient languages of Hebrew and Greek:

The Old Testament contains the 5 books of Moses, which are accepted by Jews, Muslims and Christians, and also historical books, books of the Prophets, Psalms and Proverbs.
Some of them date to more than 3000 years ago. We read in the Old Testament that God made a covenant with his people, Israel, and gave them his commandments through Moses.

The New Testament tells about the birth of Jesus Christ, about his life and teaching, and also relates the development of the first church. We also read in it how God made a New Covenant with his people, who are the community of all believers of Jesus Christ from all nations.

The texts made available in this App are those which have been printed to date. We continue to work towards the completion of the remaining books of the Bible.

Institute for Bible Translation, Moscow