·3072· – Sibo Chen

3072 = 3 * 2^10
【Basic Rule】
Main basic rules were inspired by game 2048 of Gabriele Cirulli (http://gabrielecirulli.github.io/2048/).
In this game, slide the numbers in any of the 6 directions along the board, and the same adjacent numbers will be combined into larger numbers. For example, 3 and 3 will synthesize 6, 6 and 6 will combine as 12. After each slide, a random number will be generated in a random position on the board. As the game progresses, the number appeared may be larger and larger. Players need to use as less steps as possible to synthesize 3072 or larger numbers.

【Regenerate Number】
In each game, players have two chances to regenerate the number.

Game progress will be automatically saved at any time, and continue the current play next time you open the game. Do not worry about losing the progress.

【Achievement and Leaderboard】
17 achievements and 3 leaderboards waiting for your challenge!

【History Record】
Players can view the top 5 records and share.

【Author’s Words】
At first, this game was just made for practicing my iOS programming skill. It looked very simple and even shabby, but when I shared with my classmates, they found it fun and fresh, and suggested that I put on the App Store to share with more players. So I started to polish it, making it more like a complete game app, including supplementary functions such as autosave, achievements and leaderboards, sharing, novice guides, language switching, and feedback channel, etc (BTW, menu view is also available to slide ~). After that I notice how far it is between the sketch to a complete app.
I hope you enjoy it in your free time. If there are any suggestions about this game, you can send me emails via the feedback channel, I will take it seriously and try my best to upgrade the game.

【A Little Tip】
As a puzzle game, thinking is necessary, especially when you think you are about to be defeated. Frequently, you can find a way to revive. The strategy is to be flexible, preparing and utilizing the appearance of big numbers. When it is necessary, you need to change the position of the biggest number.