Zoony World Tour – Digiment


The bountiful and mysterious land of Fanfanatti is under threat! The evil Dr Snark has kidnapped The Zoonies and is holding them captive!

His plan is to steal their magic powers, create a magical relic and use it for his own evil ways, turning them from lovable critters into mindless minions….. It is up to you to find the last remaining Super Zoonies to travel to the ends of Fanfanatti on your quest to rescue every last Zoony!


• PLAY CHALLENGING PUZZLES – Easy to play, yet ever-increasing difficulty as you progress through numerous ‘Zoontastic levels! Highly approachable match 3 puzzle gameplay with Wholesome Cuteness built in!!

• BEAUTIFUL GRAPHICS – Cute characters, sound effects and orchestral music!

• COLLECT POWERFUL FRIENDS – Rescue and free all the Zoonies and unleash the Super Zoonies special powers!

• STAY TUNED More levels, more Super Zoonies, more challenges, new enchanting locations, new gameplay elements and surprises!!

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