ZipMath for Home – Sanjeev Baniwal


Welcome to ZipMath!
Our goal at ZipMath is to help strengthen your child’s mathematics skillset and increase their ability to recall math functions quickly. Our focus is to promote good study habits, where the learned skill set will translate to a classroom and test setting.
Thus creating an important foundation for your child’s problem solving, quantitative reasoning and analytical skills.

ZipMath allows the user pick the number system they would like to focus on, choose the operations (plus, minus, multiply) and then choose to speak the answer or tap the correct answer during a timed puzzle test.

The user will receive their score and can easily learn which areas they’ll need to focus on and how quickly they were able to answer each question.

ZipMath Includes:
-Synched Microphone for speech answers
– For Ages 3+
– Pre-K levels geared toward number recognition
– Does not require internet access
– Muted colors to encourage focus and good study habits
– Synced for English language answer recognition
– Great for both girls and boys
– Clear convenient interface for memory recall for users of all ages