Zen Mind – Meditation App – Morten Brudvik


Zen Mind is a no-nonsense and easy to use meditation timer that let you fully focus on your meditation for a set amount of time. With it you can practice meditation anywhere at any time during the day. It also have a selection of nature sounds that can help you meditate or just to relax.

Mindfulness is an ancient Buddhist practice that has profound relevance for our lives. Mindfulness can help you experience less stress, anxiety and worry. It can help improving your sleeping patterns and keep you more focused during the day.

• A simple to use meditation timer
• Stats for tracking your meditation progress
• Integration with Apple HealthKit mindful minutes
• Ability to run in the background while you run another app in the foreground
• When iPhone is in silent mode, Zen Mind will still play meditation bell sound or ambient sounds
• A range of high quality ambient nature sounds that will run in background while meditating