ZazaRemote Control (Universal) – 王 玲

With the help of ZaZaRemote-Smart Remote, you can use your mobile phone to control all kinds of infrared appliances. The software database can support electrical appliances of over 6,000 brands and more than 80,000 remote controls, which can be used where internet is not available.
Install ZaZaRemote-Smart Remote now, you will not need find your remote control at the angle of the sofa any more.

==Kinds of electrical appliances under control ==
Air conditioner
TV set
Set-top box/satellite
Network box
DVD machine
Power amplifier
Electric fan
SLR camera

==Product features==
Super large control code database, which can support appliances of over 6,000 brands and 250,000 control codes in total.
Far infrared control and WIFI control are available.
Concise user interface, easy to use