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Your Yoga – Daily Exercise, Workout Guide

– Do you want to lose your weight by Yoga?

– Are you Novice in Yoga Poses? OR

– Are you getting confused between Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Yoga Pose & way how to do these poses with step by step instruction?

You came at right place. Your Yoga is the only single app on App store. Which can instruct you about – How to maintain your fitness completely? This app is developed to keep you updated about your fitness. Workout and Exercise are played the most important role in healthy life. Yoga is also the part our Workout and Exercise.

Yoga Asana is the group of some mental, physical and spiritual activities. This was pretty much popular in ancient time. Asana is the combination of physical exercise, breathing control, relaxation and meditation. You will get surprised by knowing the benefits of Pilates. Some of the major benefits of Yoga are:-

A. Yoga increase flexibility and muscles strength.
B. It is helpful in loss weight & other problem in body.
C. It increase blood blow and boost immunity.
D. It helps to enhance brain function – as a result cardio help increase oxygen flow to brain.

These are very few benefits of Daily Yoga Exercise, It’s a regular practice. “YOGA – SUTRA” is the complete guide book, it explain how to become master in PILATES, written by an Indian sage Patanjali. This book explain how to control your breath & mind, how to improve your posture and by improving your physical fitness how to achieve your spiritual goal.

Poses are completely safe and have very low impact on peoples if you do it in the guidance of trainer. There are also some restrictions for pregnant lady and any person who has any ongoing health issue like high blood pressure, sciatica and glaucoma. They should avoid some Pose as it’s a kind of workout which increases the blood flow in body. Novice guys should avoid advance pose and difficult techniques.

“Your Yoga Champ – Some Healthy Exercises” provides you the complete understanding & importance of Yoga. This Workout app will helpful for all level of expertise guys. It’s clearly categorized the asana in three major category:-

A. Yoga For Beginner
B. For Intermediate
C. Yoga For Advance

This app also helps you to do yoga at home. Every Pilate’s posture describe by:-

A. Basic of pose
B. Step By Step Pose Instruction
C. Benefit of Yoga
D. Precautions while performing exercise
E. Required Equipment
F. Complete Yoga Video – How to do any pose by a qualified Trainer.
G. Sequences of images to get better understand of movements.

This fitness app also incorporates with all the major Asana:-

A. Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation)
B. Tadasana (Mountain Pose)
C. Plank Pose
D. Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)
E. Pranayam (Control of Breath)(Hatha Yoga part)
F. Balance Poses
G. Standing Pose
H. Sitting Pose
I. Chest Opening Pose

These are the only some major and starting pose names, This app comes with more than 100+ exercises in this app. If you know the importance of fitness than you must have to understand the this app. The theme of this app is also very amazing and eye catching. We also create a lot of categories to help you to sort out your health problems like:

1. Yoga for weight loss
2. For Cardio
3. Yoga for back pain

And a lot of more categories to help in health issue.

It’s a completely free Exercise app and easily available at App Store. Here in this app we also added the Mudra, Yoga Mudra is the hand gesture while performing the different Asana. You can also see the hand gesture in the Padmasana, Sukhasana and Vajrasana. Mudra often perform by the finger and hand with support of wrist, elbow and shoulders. This is also play a major part in Yoga Asana.

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