You Done, Bro? – Paul Heider


The main app screen provides four buttons for tracking conversational turn length in terms of strict time and overall percentage of time.

The buttons are superficially split into a 2×2 grid. High- vs. low-status contributions can be compared by looking at total time facilitators speak vs. non-facilitators. Gendered contributions can be compared by looking at total time bros vs. non-bros speak.

This 4-way division can be recast to other categories as your needs require.

Tapping a main button starts or stops that particular category’s timer. If you start the timer for one category, all other categories’ timers will be stopped.

The ‘Pause’ button will stop all timers.

A long-press on the ‘clear’ button will clear all timers of any accrued time.

The ‘about’ screen is only available when all timers are at zero.

If any timers have any time on them, the ‘save’ button is available. It stops (pauses) all timers, updates the displayed calculations, and save all timers to disk. The pop-up tells you the new file’s name. The ‘save’ button requires a long-press.

A count of group members is displayed near the outside edge of each category. You can adjust the tally for each group using the +/- buttons beside the count.

For more information or to post bugs, issues, and recommendations, please visit the app’s GitHub pages: