Yomojo FamilyEye – Yomojo Pty Ltd


Yomojo FamilyEye helps protect your family online, anytime, anywhere. With powerful monitoring and tracking tools, you will have peace of mind when it comes to protecting your children online.

Yomojo FamilyEye will allow you to:

Manage use of social apps and in-app purchasing
Prevent camera and video usage
Remove adult content and ensure safe browsing
Get family usage reports and alerts
Track location
Create “Safe Zones”
Get alerts when your child enters or leaves the safe zone
Manage Screen time*
Set specific times for usage*

*These features will be ready for release in the app very soon.

How does it work? Get optimal safety for your family – just download the app on each device you want to monitor, set up your profiles via your Yomojo dashboard and you are all set to go.

Visit www.yomojo.com.au/familyeye to sign up & FAQ. Email familyeye@yomojo.com.au for support.