Yo Sushi – Collaborative Network Marketing


We serve freshly prepared Sushi and Japanese cuisine. We use only the highest quality ingredients to give you an authentic taste of Japan.
From his experiences in a family owned restaurant Mark Lau, Owner of Yo Sushi, opened the first Yo Sushi restaurant in 1998. Due to the success of his first location he later opened a second branch in 2001. Yo Sushi finds its menu inspiration in freshly imported Japanese ingredients that are prepared using authentic Asian techniques. From starters to dessert, patrons of Yo Sushi are spoilt for choice. Starters include Spicy Seaweed Salad, Spring Rolls and Chawanmushi. Signature dishes include Dim Sum, Teppanyaki, Tempura and Udon in Soup. Pair your meal with wine from our Protea or Haute Cabrière collection. Desserts include bowties and fortune cookies. Hygiene and cleanliness are taken very seriously at Yo Sushi, we promise that you will find no cleaner kitchen!
The atmosphere is an infusion of formal and casual with both indoor and outdoor seating, perfect for any occasion. Yo Sushi is the culinary adventure destination- perfect for family meals, celebrations and lunch meetings.