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After 128 years of covering travel, we’re launching a better place to buy business travel. Our new service is designed for the business traveler who doesn’t have a travel department or company support line to help them price, purchase, and service their business trips.

Introducing the Wall Street Journal Business Travel Service, powered by Upside. A total reinvention of how business travel is purchased and managed. After all, we’re business travelers, too, so we know every trip is important to your business.

WSJ: Better Service
Wall Street Journal readers get a dedicated team for live, “always on” customer service — 24/7. Our friendly experts are instantly available from your mobile phone with just one touch, and we’re never in a rush. Whether you contact us by voice, chat or email, we stay with you until you’re satisfied.

WSJ: Better Rewards
You’ll receive a gift card reward when you book your flights and hotel together for a single price. And, since you’re a valued WSJ reader, we’ll even show you ways to earn more. Of course, you always receive all the frequent flyer miles and credit card points to which you’re entitled.

WSJ: Better Deals
Our exclusive deals with business-quality travel suppliers guarantee WSJ quality. If you purchase just a flight or just a hotel room, you’ll get the lowest available prices online. In addition, if you buy your flight and room together for a single package price, you’ll receive unpublished discounts that save your company even more money.

WSJ Business Travel Service App Details:
Book your trip right from your mobile device. Choose air + hotel, flights only, hotel only. You can even add a rental car or Uber to any booking. When you package 2 or more items together, you’ll tap into unpublished travel discounts provided by our partner suppliers just for WSJ readers. We’ll even show you alternative travel options that save you more money and come with additional built-in rewards.

Receive gift card rewards to popular retailers like with qualifying business trip purchases. The amount will be added to your Rewards Hub within 72 hours of completing your trip. You can either redeem your reward for the gift card of your choice right away, or let the money accumulate for later use.

Reach out to our dedicated customer support team any time. Just tap the chat icon, and one of our super-helpful “Navigators” will respond instantly — no matter the time or day. You can also contact us via phone or email and we’ll respond in seconds.

Personalize your business trip right from the Home tab. This page is your destination for up-to-the-minute information about your trip, recent searches, and business travel pro-tips.
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The Wall Street Journal Business Travel Service is operated independently of the Journal’s news department.